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... Why do I feel very sick and shaky after eating anything sugary? ... (1 replies)
... s your blood sugar quite low. Check with your doctor about this. Also, if you happen to have a friend with a blood sugar meter, check your glucose level when you feel this way. It's not a definitive test, but it may give you an idea and a bit of information to present to your doc. ... (1 replies)
... Busymomathome: Generally when you have low sugars you have to treat them with a fast acting sugar - juice, glucose tablets, lifesavers, candy, etc. to get your sugars to go higher. Metformin is used to help insulin work in T2 diabetics. If you're taking too much of it then that's probably why your low all the time. Do you feel the symptoms of being low: dizzy, hungry,... (8 replies)

... which I eat way too much of. Have been eating more vegetables and fruit and trading my pasta and rice for whole grain options. ... (1 replies)
... ar would be low because I hadn't eaten in a while and I was feeling hungry too. This has happened before and I tested one other time and my sugar was 50. Since I feel the same I assumed it was low again, but it wasn't! 121 is pretty high for not having eaten in 4 hours right? ... (0 replies)
Low blood sugar
Dec 3, 2005
... As to how soon one should feel better after depends on what you eat, as well as how low your blood sugar was before you ate. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Sam, thank you for replying..... I feel in myself that I have diabetes, because I just feel so unwell, I cannot begin to tell you how ill I feel. Its not like when I had cancer, this is so different.... ... (16 replies)
Feeling at 200?
Nov 2, 2012
... I've been a diabetic on oral meds for about 14 months. I'm still trying to get my meds and eating habits adjusted, but my last A1c test was 7.0, equivalent to an average reading of 154 blood glucose. ... (3 replies)
... ell in my nose, I pee tons during the day and night, mild ankle edema at the end of the day, and I have lost 9 kg of weight over 6 months very unintentionally, I feel starving but eating makes me feel sick so I am probably eating the exact same amount as before, joint swelling and 2 week late menstrual periods. ... (2 replies)
... The other day, we went to the store and he felt shaky. tested and it was 75.. he ate a luna bar and half a banana.. not much longer after he tested again and he was 27 There are times before dinner he is 145 and hour or two after eating he is 40.. and this is without bolusing! ... (5 replies)
... by the time though that i hit the 3 hours at 113 i was started to feel very hypo! ... (34 replies)
... ish. then depending on how i feel i will either wait for another hour or eat then. ... (17 replies)
... was always perfectly fine. To make a LONG story short, hubby had some cancer issues a year and a half ago and I practically lived at the VA hospital, so between eating way off schedule, worrying and not sleeping right, my nerves were totally shot, that is when things went wacky. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks for the info. So am I best eating a high carb meal and testing my blood a few hours after, or do I just wait until a time where I feel shaky again? ... (8 replies)
... he sensation of feeling "off" will go away within minutes, which makes me think it's a blood sugar issue and not a thyroid problem, but within 2 hours or so even after eating a big meal I will crave something sweet. ... (1 replies)
... was spike after drinking the glucose water was 106.... ... (1 replies)
Is this high
Jul 22, 2008
... Im wondering too l have all the symptoms of low blood sugar, l tested 5.9 ,2 hours after eating but l still feel shaky and off? ... (1 replies)
May 1, 2007
... Nutrition board and after some reading, decided to post it here as well. I've noticed some strange reactions my body has been having after eating, although it seems to differ, depending on what I eat. ... (3 replies)
Low blood sugar ?s
Feb 28, 2007
... en when I arrived an hour later they took the blood level and it was 89. I don't have the results yet for the 1hr and 2hr levels, but the only symptoms I had was after drinking the sugar I felt a little warmer and became very relaxed and quite drowsy. The test really wasn't that bad for me. ... (6 replies)
... eat more protein and lower carbs, and absolutely never eat carbs without also eating some protein. The reason for this is that in hypoglycemics, ingestion of carbohydrates causes the pancreas to overreact and produce too much insulin... ... (4 replies)

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