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... That's interesting, I, too, have an ANA titer of 1:1280 and a nucleolar pattern. I also had a homogeneous pattern at 1:160. My doctor thinks I have early lupus, but not scleroderma because I don't have the skin changes. I do have acid reflux, which started a few months ago, and I know that is a sign of scleroderma. But it can be due to a wide variety of other conditions,... (5 replies)
... I am very confused and don't know how to go about writing what I have to say since there's so much that's occurred through out the years on and off. strange things physically out of the blue, like my psoas muscle became inflamed and very painful for no reason. I had to get an injection in it which worked. It all began in the year 1998 right after my divorce. I went to work... (11 replies)
... Homogeneous ANA Titer. ... (4 replies)

... ANA titer 160 homogeneous the only specific antibody abnormality was low C4 and positive but not high RA and a low positivity in Microsomal AB. ... (2 replies)
... ANA Screen IFA POSITIVE ANA Pattern 1 HOMOGENEOUS ANA Titer 1 1:40 Reference Range <1:40 Negative 1:40-1:80 Low Antibody Level >1:80 Elevated Antibody Level My PCP ran blood work on me b/c of my symptoms. This is what we got back. I am going to my first rheumatologist appointment tomorrow. Just wondering what all this means. Any insight would be greatly... (4 replies)
... three rows of extra eyelashes, and arthritis, and osteo penia. I had ana test.. ... (6 replies)
... Test Name LUPUS (SLE) PANEL ANA SCREEN, IFA ANA, IFA PATTERN ANA, IFA TITER <1:40 1:40-1:80 >1:80 In Range HOMOGENEOUS Negative Low Antibody Level Elevated Antibody Level Out Of Range POSITIVE 1:40 H (0 replies)
... une process." And further narrowed to lupus or sjorgen's syndrome. I started seeing a rheumy last month in Boston who has narrowed things down to my repeat ANA testing coming back positive. ... (6 replies)
... I too run a high titer ANA with a speckled pattern, while the ANA test does not always mean a person has lupus, I have read the it is more likely when the pattern is speckled. ... (7 replies)
... I went for a physical a couple weeks ago and had lab work done. The nurse called me back and told me that I had tested positive for Lupus, which I now know she should not have done. Anyway, I went back for a follow-up today and here's my lab work results: ANA SCREEN EIA W/REFLTITER IFA ANA Screen Positive (ABN: A) ANA Pattern Homogeneous (ABN: A)... (2 replies)
High ANA Titer
Mar 21, 2004
... My ANA was 1:320 Homogeneous last time it was checked, and I was told that it was significantly positive but not considered to be a very high positive. Heather (7 replies)
... So the sed rate, elevated above 20, reflects inflammation in your system.. The ANA titer of 1:80 is considered low positive but can be positive in several conditions, lupus and others. It is very helpful that the other antibodies will be tested, as they are more specific to point to a given diagnosis. Your rheumatoid arthritis test is negative, so you will have more... (1 replies)
... It seems that the lad has emailed me my blood work results before I have seen the dr. Can someone please help me understand it? From what I have read it seems to refer to Lupus. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in 2009 and have been on Humira and Methotrexate. I stopped taking them in Feb 2016 because I lost my insurance due to a job loss. I moved to another state and... (1 replies)
Mar 15, 2014
... I decided to post my recent results so you guys can check them out. I read on another posts where borderline results can be significant, so here they are. ANA IFA SCREEN W/REFL TO TITER AND PATTERN, IFA ANA SCREEN, IFA POSITIVE (NEGATIVE) March 11, 2014 DIRECT ANTIGLOBULIN TEST (DAT) DIRECT ANTIGLOBULIN TEST (DAT) NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) March 11, 2014 SM ANTIBODY SM... (76 replies)
... So here's the long and short of it, I've been presenting symptoms of an auto immune disease for quite some time. Most recently my symptoms seem to be those of lupus but my blood work is conflicting. I have severe (officially diagnosed) fibromyalgia, my joints swell to the point of uselessness, my feet and hands change colors (the loveliest shade of purple and white), my hair... (32 replies)
... Thanks, sometimes I wonder about the some of the doctors. If anyone has any recommendations for a Rheumatologist in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ it would be helpful. In addition to the stuff going on with my face I get a rash on my chest (basically to my neckline) that comes and goes. It is more bumpy and does not itch. My face looks more of a deep flushing or a sunburn (I... (8 replies)
... g of B12 daily sublingual which I have been doing for about a month now. It also showed I had a past Epstein Barr infection. The last test which came back was an ANA titer test which my primary said could signal RA. My ANA Screen, IFA came back as positive. The reference range says it should be negative. ... (8 replies)
ANA question
Aug 25, 2011
... Hello, does anyone know if 1:80 titer positive ANA, mixed pattern- homogeneous and fine speckled- has any significance other than, perhaps, being an indication for more specific testing? The lymphocytes are below normal range and CRP above normal. :confused: thank you, flowergirl (5 replies)
... oint. The ortho doc thought I had a tear, but due to the warmness and discoloration, decided to run some blood tests to rule out an infection. This included an ANA titer, rheumatoid factor and Sed rate. ... (2 replies)
... I've been having some testing done over the last couple weeks as recommended by my new neurologist. I'm still waiting for my MRI, MRA & MRV results. I did pick up a copy of my labwork last Friday though. It will be a couple weeks before I hear back from my doctor, but I'm trying to figure out some of the results so I can be prepared with questions to ask him. I'm hoping... (2 replies)

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