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What are your symptoms? Are you currently on any thyroid replacment meds? Do you have nodules on your thyroid or do you have antibodies for Graves Disease or Hashimotos Diseases of the thyroid? These can also be tested by blood and out of range for any of them will may make you a candidate for replacment meds (or if you are on meds) for a dose increase.

Typically for thyroid testing we look at TSH (as first indicator but not only one) FT3 and FT4 and the antibodies I mentioned above. Some also have a scan to see if there are any nodules.

I am not sure I understand those tests...perhaps someone else on the board will jump in here...I don't know what "tsh w/reflex to ft4 2.30 range 0.40-5.50" is.... but in general folks with normal thyroids feel best with a TSH around 1-2 and FT3 and FT4 in around the same percentile of the lab's ranges for each. Every person is an individual with individual numbers within the normal range and if you wonder from your "set" numbers even with in the normal range, you may not feel very well.

Give a bit more information, and perhaps we can help more. Pixiek
"tsh w/reflex to ft4 2.30 range 0.40-5.50" means that FT4 is tested only if the TSH turns up out of range. That's a bad thing, of course. There is a real need to know what the FT4 level actually is. It should be your [b]free[/b] T3 that's tested too; not your total T3.
Clearly, you aren't getting the tests that best show what your T levels actually are, and because of that, I'd guess you're undermedicated... causing your lingering symptoms. 50 mcgs is the smallest dose one can take, and that's usually just for starters. Palpatations can be caused just as easily by undertreatment as over-.

(My most positive thoughts go out to you and your mother. I've been there with my dad.)

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