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Okay so I have been experiencing the single worst pains I have ever experianed over the last 2 1/2 months. It started out as a single pain on the lower left side of my throat when I would smoke, then after a couple weeks it became more intense and moved onto my outer neck and ear. From there it started to hurt the back of my neck (lower part of the back of my head), and now I am also experiencing headaches and sinus pressure.

I have also been experiencing these weird "attacks" where I get a sharp pain in my left ear (and in one instance my left eye) followed by a 10 minute (or so) period of dizziness and mild confusion, shortly after that my hands will start to shake and I will feel like I am about to faint, and when I sit down I get really cold and start to shake while my heart starts beating rapidly. I can usually make this stop by going to sleep/ getting under a warm blanket and slowing my breathing.

I have been to the Emergency Room 3 times and they think I am just having panic attacks, while I went to urgent care once and they just gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3 for the pains in my neck. My doctor referred me to an ENT and the only thing she could find was evidence of was Heartburn and Thrush in my mouth. No evidence of anything wrong with my ears or sinuses though.

I have had a CT of my head and of my neck along with an X-ray of my chest, along with tests for everything from white blood cell counts, to mono, to strep, to HIV, and many other tests and everything comes back normal or negitive for anything. I have no fever, no weight loss, no fatigue, no anything-sickness-like, just LOTS AND LOTS OF PAIN, and it's only getting worse every day.

Please I am so scared and have no idea what this could be, I can't find anything on the Internet matching my symptoms and no doctors have been able to find anything substantial, other than being diagnosed with GERD, Thrush, and Anxiety/Depression. I seriously doubt that any of these have been causing my headaches or "attacks" as I've had anxiety attacks before and they are NOTHING compared to the "attacks" I have been experiencing. Please if ANYONE has any idea of what this could be please tell me! This has been a living hell for me and I just want it to end.

Please note I have quit smoking 2 weeks ago and have started on Nocorette gum.
I am on the brink of a nervous breakdown from the anxiety of all this.

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