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Back story. I'm a 30 year old male. About a month ago, I came down with the flu. Pretty intense stomach pains, I couldn't keep anything down for a week. It was bad. Shortly after I got better, I may have had some bad food and was throwing up again.

Finally after a few weeks, I had a tooth ache and needed to get a root canal. But since I had to wait a week or so, I continuously popped pain killers. Up to 12 a day to keep the pain down.

Since then, I've experienced what I thought was acid reflux. Upper stomach pains below my sternum, almost like pulled muscle feeling. If I'm slouching or sitting a certain way, it hurts some. Other times not at all. Coffee and mostly after Im done eating, I get long episodes of feeling bloated. Burping. Using the bathroom frequently.

Sometimes I feel hungry but I can't tell if I'm just full of air or bloated or actually hungry.

On top of that I get some back pains, dull chest aches. My doctor said it could f from a strained muscle because of my sleeping conditions right now.

Overall, my stomach usually feels tangled up, I'm burping and feeling bloated a lot, yesterday I felt sour in the back of my throat and on top of this, I know I have a hernia. Side of my bellybutton is pushed out a little and another doctor told me I had one.

This sound like GERD?? Thanks!

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