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[QUOTE=JoanieETH;5359485]I am now over 48 hours post-endoscopy and colonoscopy. No colon polyps were found, but the physician found gastritis and duodenitis (erosions). I am now having pain that come and goes lasting a few seconds each time (occurring every 1 minute to once an hours) mid L back, and also across upper abdomen. No fever, no chills and no passing blood. Still nauseated a bit, but eating. Also have pain just under my chin-- it's tenderness on the soft tissue when touching it.
I have had colonoscopies 3 times before and an endoscopy once before along with the last colonoscopy (3 years ago) and don't remember having any of these symptoms before.
Is all of this "Normal"???[/QUOTE]

Hi there, I just registered for my own GI issues but I wanted to respond to your post as I am actually an endoscopy RN. I wouldn't necessarily say your symptoms are normal, however I also think it's nothing to worry about. I would absolutely give your gastroenterologist a call though - just to let the MD know what's going on.

for the upper - if you have the gastritis, it's is likely your Dr took biopsies to rule out H. Pylori, a nasty bacteria a lot of people are infected with but are not symptomatic. If you are symptomatic, you should be tested for it and if positive, need to take a course of antibiotics to eradicate it. This bacterium commonly causes gastritis and ulcers. Now, depending on how many biopsies were taken from the upper GI tract, you can have a little discomfort, for sure. From the scope alone you can experience this, but it is usually in the esophagus and usually goes away within 48 hours. Gargling with warm salt water is your best treatment for this. If you're not experiencing severe abdominal pain, fever, chills, black tarry stools, you do not have something serious like a perforation. Like I said, give your Dr a call and you might want to try something like pepto or prevacid short term. The biopsy results usually take a week, if that, and the doc should have a better understanding of what's causing the gastritis. Did you have an ulcer? You said you had duodenal erosion, which is also typically biopsied. Gastritis is incredibly easy to treat, and the doc will most likely put you on a prescription PPI (proton pump inhibitor) to raise the pH of your stomach acid for a couple of months.

For the lower, depending on your anatomy and, really, the way the doc is doing the procedure (if you need abdominal pressure to help move the scope through, if you have a longer than usual or tortuous (twisty) colon, etc.) - this will trap air. Because you had the EGD and colon at the same time, I'm not sure if you had a double before in the past, there is A LOT of air going into the abdomen, from the top and the bottom. The air from the EGD typically gets expelled via the rectum, and if you have this air moving through you like crazy, you will definitely experience abdominal pain and cramping. The more you expel this air, the better you will feel. The fact that you had no specimens collected in the colon, leads me to believe it's just air. Try positioning yourself on your left side with you knees bent to your chest, or getting on all fours on the bed and lowering your chest, relax your anus. If that doesn't do it, there is a medication you can get over the counter called Simethicone. This is what is found in Gas X and even those drops that you give a baby for colic. I would opt for the drops - this medication absorbs gas, and usually 125mg after meals and at bedtime does the trick. Do not exceed 500mg per day.

If these don't work, call your Dr and let him/her know what you have tried (positioning, simethicone, pepto, etc.) he/she will have a better understanding of what could be potentially going on.

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