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Just to tell you I made a doctors appointment and there is a month waiting list to see doctor. I'm thinking of may be going to medical walk in center.

It could be Laryngopharyngeal or GERD not sure.

What strange about my symptoms is no burning or pain by the chest or stomach!!! No Sore throat, Hoarse voice, Trouble swallowing,Coughing

No indigestion like Burning in the stomach or upper abdomen,Abdominal pain,Bloating (full feeling),gas

The burning sensation in the adams apple area,acid by the upper esophagus by the adams apple area,bitter taste, acid and some times water by the upper esophagus by the adams apple area and belching.

-feel like stomach acid,water or vomit may come up more so if I'm Belching.
-feel like hot sauce in upper esophagus by the adams apple area

Not sure if there is lot of other members on here with the same symptoms I have.

What is strange is eating some times help the symptoms for x amount of time!! Other thing is it seems to come on even after 10 hours of no food!!!

Yes going to bed and morning I get this too or when I go 10 hours+ no food and I'm bit hungry.

Very strange.

That why I'm not sure if it Laryngopharyngeal or GERD or some thing else. I thought Laryngopharyngeal or GERD come on just after you eat. And 10 hours+ no food and I'm bit hungry seems strange.

Why would I get it going 10 hours+ no food!! Why eating some times help.

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