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You really can't come off PPI'S cold turkey

I was having ongoing symptoms despite taking Omeprazole and was told prior to my second endoscopy a couple of months ago to not take it for 10 days

Well that 10 days resulted in gastritis and duodenitis and my PPI dose being doubled. Since then I have suffered severe bloating and nausea and for the last 4 days have had a stiff neck/headache

I am going to see the Doctor about weaning myself off Omeprazole

Rebound acid reflux is most unpleasant so I aim to do it slowly

My backgound is gallbladder removed 5 years ago, Severe acid reflux (I suspect it's acid AND bile) Ongoing upper right quadrant pain

My advice is if you are weaning off a PPI observe all the self help measures by avoiding food triggers, smaller meals, don't go to bed within 4 hours of eating and raise the head of your bed with blocks

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