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Hi, i'm Alesena. I know that this is strictly for 18 years (im 15) and over but I'm starting to feel worried about my issue and a little desperate for a potential answer. Okay, so let me start with that up until a couple days ago, I was having extreme nausea only when I went to bed and layed down. I had to stay up all night. If I did manage to fall asleep, I'd wake up with the same nausea but I could get rid of it with sipping water. I never have thrown up because of it. I haven't been feeling the nausea at all, but yesterday I was feeling really good all day. I ate and maybe a tad more than I should have and drank a couple sodas. I went to bed and layed down and my mouth started to water a bit. I had a little bit of a hard time swallowing too. My stomach felt like I was going to be sick for a second, but I never threw up. My stomach rumbles but I'm not hungry. I took some anti-acid tums to help. I'm also having the same issue tonight so I went and took 3 anti acid tums and hopefully it will help whatever is going on. I only experience the symptoms less when I prop my pillows up in bed which is hard because I don't get any sleep for the entire night. It's especially rough when I don't get sleep for a couple days because I'm just exhausted. I've heard all that stuff like this is linked to anxiety. I have anxiety but these symptoms happen when i'm not anxious or anything. Does this sound like GERD to those who may have it at all? Any tips? Suggestions? Answers? Remedies? Thank you! And again, I do apologise for the whole age thing, I just need some help.


Alesena x

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