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Hi all Im new here. I love reading these boards and it has truly helped me. My story started back in March when I contracted c diff from my boyfriend. I went to the ER three times and docs would not help me they would not even give me a stool test. The just shot me up with nausea meds and told me to come back in a couple of weeks if I was not feeling any better. I couldn't stand it but I continued working despite being in the most horrible pain I have ever experienced. I started doing research and eating barley oats, drinking ginger tea, and taking oregano oil (helped the most). I was able to rebound within a month and a half, and felt much better, or so I thought. I have had many life changes since. My boyfriend and I married, I started working 40 hrs a week for the first time in my life, and I have a 2.5 year old daughter whom I just stopped nursing 2 months ago. About a month ago I started feeling a lump in my throat while I was at work. I work in a call center and I was taking 120 calls/day due to busy season, and drinking too much coffee. Also my husband and I were barely paying our bills despite me working so much. We also moved and I was under extreme stress although it was a happy time. Anyways, with the lump I also had sores in my mouth which made me think I was coming down with strep throat or something. Well, the sores went away but the lump did not. Eventually I had lots of bloating, burping and a STINGING sensation on the right side of my throat. Once it slowed down at work I was able to do some research and thats when I found out it was called lpr reflux. I don't trust doctors anymore because of what happened with the whole c diff experience. After researching I think c diff caused sibo which caused lpr. I have been trying the alkaline diet which did help some, but not enough. I think its because the underlying problem was sibo. I stopped eating fructose and gluten because both make me bloat like a whale and start burping small burps like every 10 seconds for hours. It really stinks. I have also started taking vit d and b 12 which seems to be helping. I also have started a modified alkaline diet that cuts out gluten, as well as taking marshmellow root and 2 tbsps coconut oil. I do feel as though I am making progress in healing, although it is slow progress. Thanks all for listening/reading. I have been feeling quite alone in all of this. I did finally have a breakthrough with my husband when I explained I feel that the cdiff -> sibo which -> lpr for me and he seemed to finally understand. I guess I just wanted to talk to more people who really do know the struggle/pain this horrible condition causes. My heart goes out to all people who are suffering out there. Any encouragement is appreciated. Thank You.

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