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Hello all. I am posting on behalf of my grandmother... she's been in so much pain lately and I just wish there was something I could do to help.

She's had gas problems for years... constant belching and some pain but recently it has gotten worse.. my mom took her to the ER the other night because she had severe pain going from her chest through to her back. She was in so much pain she was crying. The doctor looked for issues but all he could find was severe acid reflux.

She was already on meds for it (nexum) and she takes antacids like candy but for some reason it has been a lot worse lately.. she has been to 3 doctors including one specialist but they all just keep prescribing different pills and some have made her worse and given her diarrhea.

She does have a very low pain tolerance (got her ears pierced as an adult and cried her eyes out) but it's just killing us to see her hurt so bad... any idea on anything we can try? I have googled natural remedies and I got her some super digestive enzymes from GNC but her stomach has been so messed up she's afraid to try anything new. She is constantly nauseous and just lays around in pain.. I think she's starting to get depressed.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions to help her... by the way she is 76 and also has IBS.

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