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Is this GERD?
Oct 14, 2015
about me: 30yo caucasian male, ex-smoker (pack-a-day for 12yrs) and ex-drinker, fatigue/hypotension problems for 2 years but no other known medical conditions, 60kg/174cm.

Over the last 6 months I've had progressively worsening reflux like symptoms. Here is a rough timeline:

6mo ago - chronic mild heartburn in chest
4mo ago - chronic heartburn rising to throat and chin
2mo ago - (started Nexium) chronic heartburn, sore throat, vitamin capsule getting stuck in throat (at neck level) and burping up powder
1mo ago to present - (on Nexium) chronic heartburn, sore throat, dysphagia at neck level; can only eat soft foods like yogurt and need to clear throat and cough and swallow multiple times

Since 2mo ago I've been on and off Nexium (about 2 weeks at a time) since it hasn't seemed to have addressed any of my symptoms at all. I saw my doctor 2 days ago to ask for a different medication. I was told if one PPI doesn't work it is unlikely any other would and that PPI not working indicates my symptoms are not caused by acid. I only rarely feel acid rise to my throat; maybe once a week

Since starting Pantoprazole I've felt a feeling like thick mucus is in my throat that I need to swallow. My appetite has been lowering and today I've noticed that everything I put in my mouth tastes slightly bad, including water. I also feel a bit of nausea but haven't vomited yet.

I have made most of the recommended lifestyle changes for GERD people: not eating large meals or within hours before bed, raising head of bed by 15-20cm, avoiding acidic foods, eating probiotic foods and apple cider vinegar with the mother.

I have a Barium Swallow scheduled for 10 Nov and Endoscope some time after.

While I'm waiting I wanted to know if anyone had any clue on what could be causing my problems, or any other general advice to help. I am losing weight and a bit worried that I will become malnourished if my appetite and swallowing doesn't improve.

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone.

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