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Hi Rainbow,
so you have the same problem...
This is so awful....having stomach ache, also belly ache, sometimes diarrhea if I ate fatty foods....

Well, the carafate/ or sulcrafate is a pill that you take 3 or 4 times a day, one hour before a meal....It coats the stomach for a long time, so that protects the lining from acid or food. It helps heal gastritis, it is also something they give people with ulcers....However, I took this for a few years....They say is safe for a longer use, but it has some side effects...and you have to take vitamines, because this medicine prevents the full absorption of some vitamines from food. It is a little inconvenient because you have to always time yourself. The pill was a horse pill, but my doc let me dissolve in a spoon with a little water. If you stop taking, well, the gastritis come back.

Another thing they gave me was "cholestyramine which is for people with high cholesterol, and is called " bile acid sequestrant". This was a powder to take with water once a day for me...however the side effect for me was a real bad constipation ---meaning I had to use suppository to I didn't want to use....

As for teeth, well, mine already suffered, I have a lot of dental work needed now, but can't afford.

So, I don't know....maybe I have to get back on those meds, and maybe try a different PPI...

[QUOTE=rainbowsrock;5388576]I am the same as you. I have had bile gastritis and the lower tummy troubles and have tried almost all of the PPI'S with only partial success
I worry about my teeth with night time reflux

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an alternative to the PPI'S for bile
Our liver makes the bile continuously and it just drips none stop with no gallbladder to store it

There are a couple of surgical procedures but I think they have limited success

I was prescribed 20mg Omeprazole am and pm after the Gastritis but this week I have dropped to 10mg am and pm and aim to change to Ranitidine if my Doctor agrees

Other than that I do all the self help stuff
Avoid food triggers
Smaller meals
Head of bed raised

When I feel like my stomach needs help I have a large glass of lukewarm water, and take Tums
Gaviscon Advance too

Carafate coats the stomach, I need to research that[/QUOTE]

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