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I just recently figured out my chest pain and shortness of breath is just not asthma (although that could be part of it) and not a heart problem but is acid reflux with probably a bad gas problem. I've noticed my upper stomach gets really bloated, big and hard, and that is when I have trouble breathing. When it gets smaller I can breathe fine even without my inhaler.

My GI doctor gave me meds for acid but not for gas. I'll go back to her next month anyway but I'm trying phazyme over the counter for now. She gave me pantoprazole and sucralfate (carafate) to deal with the acid. I have ulcerative colitis, too so I'm on balsalazide for that. I'm chewing sugarless gum after meals and trying not to eat any acidic or gas producing foods. It seems to help some, but part of the day I still look and feel like a pregnant woman.

Anybody have ideas for reducing bloat so I can breathe?

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