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I have been on 60 Mg. Dexilant on and off for a year & a half ! Like many people on this forum, I have also used many different PPIs with little relief.The most noticeable side effect I have experienced with this drug is the nasty stomach ache ,which comes on in the mid afternoon ,and will often last all night ! My Gastroenterologist told me I MUST take my medication one half hour before my breakfast, and do not expect results until you have taken it for at least two weeks ! I agree with Rainbow's Rock, as I am pretty sure my issue is also bile, and not stomach acid. Last week I had a two contrast Barium swallow, which showed zero reflux, no Hiatal Hernia, and perfect LES function. I am literally back to square one! Yesterday I picked up my new prescription for 30 Mg Dexilant ( trying to wean off) So far I have found this PPI to be THE most expensive , at $2.50 per capsule. I am looking forward to the day I can finally get off these drugs completely. I have found some relief with the DGL licorice before meals, and 150 mg. Zantac at night. Good luck to you, hope you find something that works !

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