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Hi all,
I've been dealing with a stomach problem for a couple of years now and am booked in for an upper endoscopy in January (my first ever). Told by a few doctors that i probably just have bad GERD, I've only ever had mild or temporary relief with PPIs or antacids, though. Today after researching anaemia and stomach ulcers, the symptoms sound uncanny of the full spectrum of symptoms I get in a way I've not seen reading aboutm anxiety or gerd.

My problems started when I ate food I was highly allergic to and had anaphylaxis. Over the months following that I developed panic disorder. These episodes always build, starting with bloating in my stomach, trouble digesting food (it often sits on my chest about an hour after eating) and sometimes feature crippling fatigue where I get exhausted and heavy or stiff in my legs in particular. This discomfort can eventually, and often spontaneously shift to intense palpitations or episodes of very hard to control hyperventilation (a panic attack). Having had the sense to track many of these episodes with what rational mind I have available during them, I've recorded my blood pressure spiking as high as 155/90 with a pulse of 140 BPM. My resting values are 105/70 with a pulse of 60 typically. This, from the reading I have done, is quite an unusual spike relative to my resting values.

I've had many episodes now but they are clearly physically linked to this condition, more than anxiety (a fact most doctors have dismissed - they hear panic attacks and make the diagnosis there). This is true to the extent that I now even calmly anticipate and endure them, holding logical conversation at the height of these "panic attacks", during which people say I seem calm, bar hyperventilating! I've learned to manage them with rest in anticipation and avoiding exertion, with a high success rate (months with nothing more than indigestion). I rest when I feel bloated or fatigued now, rather than trying to carry on until I get the palpitations or hyperventilation.

The reason i am looking in to ulcers is today is: I had an episode of isolated extreme fatigue. It forced me to consider what would cause this alone, absent of other symptoms, which led me to anaemia and stomach ulces. My legs were so heavy I had to lay in bed. I couldn't even function sitting at my desk/PC it was so severe. I managed to recover by eating a meal in bed which my girlfriend brought to me as I lay down. For the rest of the day I functioned almost normally. I still haven't slept 12 hours on and I'm not that tired! I was more tired with fatigue earlier. I have indigestion though, as I do every night. I can't lay on my back most nights for reflux.

Something clicked considering the fatigue. My theory is that I may have a stomach ulcer and acute episodes of something else, like anaemia. These acute episodes of palpitations are often preceded by a sense that something in my stomach dislodges or passes a blockage. It may come with a brief spasm of my oesophagus, and force me to cough, but then the palpitations and panic set in instantly, without conscious thought or delay as I begin to feel things moving in my chest and stomach. Paramedics have observed me in this state and seen me go white as a sheet, hyperventilating (anaemia?), but my blood oxygen saturation can be as high as 100% on their readings. Does that rule out anaemia?

Either way, when I don't get stomach problems, I don't get energy crashes, fatigue, hyperventilation or panic attacks. What could it be?

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