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Hello there,

I'm 44 years old and I've been on PPIs for the past 18 years for GERD. For the most part, Prevacid 15mg once a day was good and then I had to start taking it twice a day. I've tried every PPI and Prevacid is the only one that seems to be somewhat helpful.

In the past two years I've started having swallowing issues due to upper throat irritation from night time reflux. I sleep on a wedge and I don't eat or drink after 7pm, but it still bothers me at night. I don't get the usual chest pain symptoms though...just a feeling of pressure in my throat as if something is in there. I have to swallow a bunch of times when I wake up to get it to subside. I wake up in the morning and my throat feels tired.

Over the past 18 years I've had 5 endoscopes done and none of them have shown anything significant. None have shown any signs of Barretts either. They've always taken biopsies and have removed a few benign polyps from my stomach which the Dr. claimed were from PPI usage.

Two years ago when the swallowing issues started I had a series of barium swallow tests done. One normal, one with a pill and one with me eating food with a speech pathologist there to watch the results. All came back normal. I went in for an endoscope with dilation, but the stricture they saw was very mild. The doctor said that he dilated it as much as he could and I didn't much of a result from it. Eventually after several months the swallowing issue seemed to settle down to a tolerable level. I just had to make sure I didn't eat too fast or take too big of bites.

I eventually saw an ENT and she checked me with a scope and said that it all looked fine and she didn't see anything. She suggested that I bump the Prevacid up to 30mg twice a day. For some reason taking that much PPI seems to have a negative effect on me. I start burping up food more and it just seems like the food isn't being digested. I decided to back down to 15mg twice a day again. She recommended I have reflux surgery.

Fast forward to the past 4-6 weeks and my swallowing troubles have gotten worse. I feel the food sticking in my upper throat, but I also feel it lower now. I have to drink water with every bite and when the sticking sensation occurs I feel kind of weird...sort of dizzy like. I can breath fine, but I just get this dizzy sensation when it feels like the food is stuck. I also am now having quick feelings of nausea when I try to swallow the food. Overall it just seems to be getting worse quickly.

So, seeing as I have a tendency to over think health related issues and really dwell on the worst case scenarios, my biggest concern is that they will find cancer this time. I've had two friends that have had esophageal came out fine and the other passed away last year. There is so much talk about this in the GERD communities that it's hard for me to not always have this floating in the back of my mind.

Not sure what exactly I'm expecting from folks here other than encouragement and hearing from others who can relate to the situation.

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