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Hi, I have read a lot into LPR and am trying to work out if I have it or not.

[B][U]Short Version[/U][/B]

- 9 weeks of Adams apple pain when I yawn, but only when I yawn.
- 9 weeks of bad cough, sometimes leaving my breathless.
Walking into a cold room (The kitchen for example) starts me coughing, as does laughing.
- 8 weeks of back of neck and shoulder pain on right side only.
Physio suspected pinched nerve and suggested particular exercises which has helped, but not fully. Still feel pain when I look to the right or move my head in some directions.
- Since taking a PPI, I now suffer with stomach aches after eating, which I never had to begin with. Also excessive burping.
- No acid feeling in throat or chest, except on one particular occasion.

[B][U]Long Version.[/U][/B]

Throughout all of this time and a few days before my story begins I have suffered with a problem when I yawn. I feel pain in my Adams apple area for about 10 seconds then it goes. Also a cough that is more present in the morning, but also when I laugh.

About 9 weeks ago I drank Ale for the first time in my life. I was in London and was influenced by my friend to try ale. I normally drink Lager. I drank about 3 pints and had the worst burning acid reflux through the night. In the morning I took some over the counter tablets and felt okay for the next few days.

Once back home after a few days I woke up with mild flu like symptoms. Not as severe as flu as I was able to get out of bed and do the usual things, but felt very run down and heavy headed, so I stayed off work for a few days. On about the 4th day of my illness I awoke from bed with a very tight throat feeling. I was planning on going back to work that day so was more annoyed than anything I was eager to get back.

I visited the doctor, who after looking into my throat, feeling my glands and listening to my chest suspected it is an acid reflux related issue and I was prescribed Omeprazole. To be fair the symptoms of the tight throat had reduced (not vanished) before I even started taking the tablet, but I began taking it anyway. This was day 4. I stopped taking the PPI tablets on day 10 as a new problem presented itself. The Yawn pain and cough persisted throughout.

On Day 10 I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with sever neck and shoulder ache. It was a very dull ache that radiated down to my elbow (not below). I’d never suffered pain like this in my neck or shoulder and could not relate it to any particular spasm or incident, so the doctor suspected a pinched nerve caused by bad posture. Fair enough I thought and so was referred to a physio.

For the next 3 weeks I suffered with this nerve problem in my neck, with pain radiating down my shoulder. Gradually the pain eased off to the point where I got through whole days without any issues but it was still there in a mild form, some days worse than others, but not as bad as was to begin with. Thinking I was on the road to recovery I started to become more concerned with my cough and yawn pain, which had persisted since the beginning.

I visited the doctor again to discuss this and was prescribed more PPI’s (Lansoprazole this time). I began taking them but I feel they have caused more problems than they have fixed. I still have a bad cough, I still get pain when I yawn, I still get occasional throat tightness and to make matters worse I am suffering with a bloated tummy most days after eating which I never suffered with before taking the tablets.

I’m still taking the Lansoprazole and I’m convinced they are effecting my stomach in some way, but I dare not stop taking them as the doctor advised they will help with the bad cough. Since taking them I feel I have to watch what I eat more to avoid the stomach aches after eating, but I could eat anything before I started taking them.

Due to me ‘looking’ anxious the doctor recommended a well man test which included blood tests. They came back normal.

I’m wondering if my neck pain (possible pinched nerve) can have any link to my yawn pain, or cough or am I suffering with a few unrelated issues for almost the same duration. I also suspect anxiety can cause stomach and throat problems and with all the google searches I’ve done I feel very anxious most of the time.

Thanks for reading if you go this far and I hope someone can offer any advice.


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