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Stress can cause reflux, but diet is the worse culprit
If you are in the middle of an episode you need to avoid all food triggers

Fatty foods
Spicy foods
Tomato based foods
Fizzy drinks

Don't eat large meals and none within 3/4 hours of bedtime
Lose weight if appropriate
No tight clothes
Raise head of bed by 6"

Try Gaviscon Advance

If nothing seems to be working you may need a short course of a Proton Pump Inhibitor which cuts down acid production to allow healing
Doctors like to order an Endoscopy (camera down the throat) before prescribing such meds long term. There are side effects with them as they interfere in digestion of essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium. They are hard to come off as when you stop taking them acid production goes into overdrive (rebound acid reflux). So you should never come off them cold turkey but wean down slowly

I am one week off them. The first few days wasn't too bad, it must have still been in my system, but lately I have had a lot of discomfort....and a lot of Gaviscon
This is the third time I have tried to come off them, but am intending to do it properly this time

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