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Chase, I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you find relief for your condition asap. I would like to comment on this:

"I also pointed out to him that he himself told me that these PPI's are not safe long term and that my problem is completely mechanical and fixable"

I agree with you and you're right about the risks PPIs can cause in long term, and that's one of the reasons I had complete Nissen fundoplication 23 days ago. The other was that PPIs were not helping me with my reflux (80 mg of esomeprazole daily + 20 mg of domperidone), even though I adopted a radical diet and changed some lifestyle habits.

Some patients can take them during the whole life without any adverse reaction, others have adverse effects in short term like I was doing. The PPI was already causing me issues: thrombocytopenia, which led to low platelet count and higher than normal loss of blood during the surgery, as well as iron absorption deficiency, which greatly reduced hemoglobin level. . I say that because I compared hemoglobin amount in my blood in the complete blood test the doctor requested with previous ones I had before I started taking PPI drugs, also as a pre-operatory exam. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients absorption were probably affected as well.

About motility disorder, my esophagus peristalsis is lower than normal (that's why I was taking the domperidone, which speeds up peristalsis rhythm), but that did not prevent me from undergoing the Nissen fundoplication.

My personal experience: I had a hypotensive lower esophageal sphincter (LES) as diagnosed by a manometry, but my esophageal pH monitoring report wasn't so bad (low Demeester score), even though I kept suffering from heartburn. If you have an hypotensive LES or hiatal hernia, I suggest insisting with your doctor to undergo a surgery, because these are anatomical issues and surgery is the only long term way to fix it, that's what my GI and general surgeon told me. I know it's not 100% effective, it can fail for some patients some years later, but the success rate of a NF when done by a very experienced surgeon such as mine, which has been performing NFs for 24 years, is about 90% in a complete wrap like I did. I was lucky to get a doctor who is pragmatical and is not reluctant to suggest a surgery for his patients when PPIs are not working anymore and they have anatomical abnormalities such as a loose LES or hiatal hernia.

There might be complications, as I had: high blood loss, excruciating pain, dysphagia for a whole week (I had to go back to hospital and stay there for 5 days to have IV saline and drugs because I couldn't eat or drink anything during a whole week), but I'm fine now. Haven't had a single reflux episode, don't feel bloated, don't need elevate the bed anymore and after some weeks I'll be able to eat foods that I couldn't before. I'm only 26 years old, my life was miserable and I decided that I wouldn't spend the rest of it with this condition, limitations and watch the PPIs harm me in long term. I suffered a lot after surgery, but I would do it again without thinking twice.

If your doctor is reluctant and you don't have any contraindications to undergo a NF, I recommed seeing another GI or general surgeon. I had GERD for 3 years and underwent surgery. So, if you have it for such long time like 14 years, is not getting symptomatic control from drugs and have an anatomical problem, I say go for it.

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