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I've also been diagnosed with gerd and small hiatel hernia. Seems like my acids not as bad but 2 to 3 days a week always after eating i bloat up always left side under left rib and sternum and burp continuously to relieve pressure on my diaphragm. The symptoms last all day and nothing seems to help. I had a full heart work up 2 yrs ago and just recently a ekg during my last visit to the cardiologist. If I can't burp or fart feels like it sits in chest. Exercise does help a bit and have recently lost 32lbs due to dieting. Doc has me on a antibiotic for small bowel bacteria. Hes basically trying to narrow down my illness by trying this. I did have another endoscope which pretty much was the same 2 yrs ago. I dont understand why my doctor don't order a full blood work to look for markers of other problems(Cancer) or a cat scan or an ultrasound. I did have the cat and ultrasound done 2yrs ago negative. I'm tired of suffering. Any Ideas?

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