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I have always had bad acid reflux growing up as a kid. I remember a few times I had it so bad I threw up in elementary school. I am now 21 and my acid reflux is out of control. For about the last year and a half I get acid reflux about 80% of the time I eat anything. During this reflux attacks I feel like there is a bubble in my chest blowing up, causing painful pressure in my chest, and if I can't get that "bubble" to "pop" I end up throwing up a lot of super thick mucus with chunks of food and sometimes yellow stomach acid in it. In order for me to pop that bubble and release the pressure I have to chug some kind of carbonated drink. When I chug the drink it either pops the bubble and I feel fine, or it will make me immediately project out the mucus. When I do throw up it lasts anywhere from 10 mins to a couple of hours. The mucus is so thick it actually chokes me and I feel like I can't breath at times during my attacks. I have tried tums and it takes at least 10+ to make the acid reflux go away. I've tried over the counter and prescription medications. I recently got an endoscopy and colonoscopy and both came back fine with irritation in stomach and intestine. I recently started pin pointing foods that caused me to vomit the most. and the number one food that bothers me is meat (fish is fine). I cut meat out of my diet for 3 months now and it made eating a lot better for me. I still have had short throwing up from acid reflux from things like eggs, fried foods and oily foods, but nothing compared to what meat caused. I told my doctor about my diet change and he told me to start slowly eating meat again. I didn't feel comfortable doing that yet, but last week I ordered veggie fried rice at work, took two bites of the rice and threw up mucus/acid for about 30 mins. Later I went to throw away the rice and noticed it had small pieces of chicken in it. Why all of a sudden will my body not let me eat meat? And how can I find out what's wrong with my body?

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