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Hi there,

I'm a 38 male with GERD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. About 5 years ago I called a local health line to ask about chest pain and was told to go to the hospital immediately as I might be having a heart attack.

After an EKG I was looked at by a doctor and told I had GERD. I had no idea what it was and took the medication and felt better.

Enter Anxiety, I am a huge hypochondriac so started reading more and more about it: esophagitis, Barrett's esophagus, cancer. Well my anxiety skyrocketed and as it did so did my acid. I visited my primary care doctor who moved me to Nexium and felt better he knew about it. As time went on I started thinking less about it and my symptoms got better. This being said however sometimes I may have the rare off day and take a Gaviscon which dealt with the issue right away. I even went out and bought a bed wedge just to be safe. Very rarely when sleeping I might get a tickle in my throat or a weird taste but this was even few months. Mt doctor also ordered a barium swallow for me which showed no swallowing issues or reflux during the test.

Last month, after five years, for the first time in a long time, my anxiety went off the charts again for the first time in a long time. Job stress, family issues, depression and anger in general. I should've saw it coming.

Anyway, all of a sudden it felt like my nexium wasn't working. First one day, then another, then another. Soon I noticed that my thoughts were on my acid rather than my problems.

I took a step back and realized that perhaps the acid reflux symptoms were not real but rather in my head. As I calmed down the acid symptoms once again disappeared. But one night last week after five years the acid came so high up it caused me to wake up choking.

I made an appointment with my doctor and told him I was stressed and that my acid meds were not working like they once were. I told him about the acid coming to my mouth last week and now he has ordered an endoscopy. I'm just confused. Is he worried about something? He also tested my blood which came out OK but I'm panicked that they might find Barrett's esophagus or something else. Does anyone know why he has ordered this test? The acid refused to my mouth only one night in 5 years.

Does anyone else on PPIs even still experience acid reflux at night? I do every month or so but this was the worst in 5 years. My therapist thinks my anxiety has caused this acid due to my stress since I haven't had a similar episode for 5 years. What is my doctor not telling me? I am going to make another appointment to see if this endoscope is really necessary. Ironically a week later I have no symptoms once again. Thank you.
My reflux is much worse at night. And yes it does make you anxious

Self help

Raise head of bed on 6"-8" blocks ( wedge pillows just fold the body up)
Do not eat within 3-4 hours of bedtime
Limit large meals
Lose weight if appropriate
No tight clothes
Try sleeping on your left side

Food triggers are
Fatty foods
Tomato based foods
Spicy foods
Fizzy drinks
For me fruit cake and raw salad/veg is a no no too

I've had 2 Endoscopies. Here in the UK you have it without sedation or with (your choice). Not so nice without, I found. Better with sedation, but here you're not knocked out
I had no sign of Barratts Oesophagus both times
But because I was told to stop taking Omeprazole for 10 days prior to the second one what they found was Gastritis of the stomach and Duodenitis. This I am sure was due to rebound acid reflux
NEVER come off a PPI cold turkey. ALWAYS wean off slowly

PPI'S are valuable in healing ulcers and I took a higher dose of them for a couple of months to heal my Gastritis/Duodenitis. And they are essential in the case of Barratts Oesophagus

But I don't rate them for people without those illnesses as they have side effects

I am off them now. And use Gaviscon Advance liquid before bedtime
The trick is to be very careful with diet and not eating late evening

I am not totally anti PPI'S. my Husband in on 10mg per day due to having to take so much medication which can be hard on the stomach
I think they have their place, but shouldn't be taken long term unless neccessary

Nightime reflux is usually because of a lax LES sphincter ( a valve that should keep stomach contents in the stomach, but can malfunction )

Perhaps you need help with the anxiety

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