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Some help please
Mar 28, 2016
Hi everyone
Im 23 yrs old f and been suffering acid reflux on and off for nearly 5 months. Had a bad flare up in feb and settled for a week or two but has flared again on friday.
My symptoms are the general burning sensation between boobsand up throat, sickness/nausea, sharp jaggy pains under boobs (only lasts a few seconds), ache in shoulder blades (more so right) and right arpund my ribs plus lots of burping and mild hicups for a min or so and the new one thats freaking me a bit (I suffer bad anxiety aswell) is a sorta pain/ache/discomfort across the top of both boobs into under arms. (not at same time, swaps sides)
I have an appt with gastro specialist a week friday, had gallbladder scan (clear), been on lanzoprazole but took a reaction with stomach pains and sickness. Currently on ranitidine 2x150mg daily and gaviscon and peptac liquid as required. Intend to get a dr appt tomorrow as im not settling well with everything but just wondering if s9unds familliar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!!

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