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So I’d never imagine that I would be doing this- writing about my issues on a message board. But I suddenly had acid reflux in late January 2016 and I'm super determined to overcome this and the Internet has been a great help so far. I’ve read everything and anything I can find online about GERD and acid reflux and throat burn and it’s been an emotional roller coaster ride. Like honestly, in between commutes on the way to work, while waiting for trains and buses, all I do is google on forums or like go on reddit or on here to read about acid reflux. Some days I’m convinced that I will get oesophagus cancer from the constant throat burn, some days I feel super optimistic and feel that everything can only get better, and some days I’m just tired of thinking about my acid reflux.

I'm 25y/o. Prior to having acid reflux, I've never had acid reflux or stomach related issues like gastric before. I had a moderately healthy diet; always ate vegetables and fruits regularly and took about 2-3 glasses of wine a week. BUT I also had a unhealthy soft spot for chilli. I love chilli and ate a lot of chilli padi. I was also a big eater who ate a lot more noodles and rice than the average girl. I'm not fat but I'm not fit either. I do not like exercising but I have a healthy BMI. An interesting point to note is that I had bronchitis and had just recovered from it like 2 weeks before I experienced acid reflux. Not sure if there is a relation between the two yet but I highly doubt it.

So a short summary of my acid reflux: Started having it about two months ago, in the last week of January 2016. Experienced chest pains and I thought I was going to have a heart attack or something. This lasted a week before I went to my GP. I experienced a loss of appetite and I googled my symptoms and they tallied with acid reflux so my GP prescribed me some mild medicine (no PPIs) for gastric and after 2 days of eating my medicine, I felt superb. At this point of time, silly me had no idea that I was supposed to adjust my diet. So I continued eating a lot and taking lots of chilli with everything and continued with my 2-3 glasses of wine a week.

Then in late Feb, I had random chest pains that lasted 1-2days. I took the same meds the GP had given earlier and they went away. But on the last week of Feb, I experienced more than just chest pains, I got the awful throat burn. I had no weird taste in my mouth before in Jan but one day I went to bed and suddenly I could feel my throat burning and my mouth tasted funny.

I took meds for 2 days, the throat burn didn’t go away. I went back to my GP and he prescribed me omeprazole. I took that for 3 days and still the throat burn was there. I finished my prescription and went back for more. That was when my GP suggested referring me to a specialist at a hospital for an endoscope to figure out the root of the problem. I stopped taking my omeprazole after a week of eating them to no effect because I read about the side effects and I wanted to see what would happen. Nothing changed, the pain was still there. :mad:

I did my endoscope. No hiatal hernia, no H.pylori, no loose sphincter. But my doctor noted that my stomach was 'hyper-acidic' for some reason and I had mild inflammation in my oesophagus and duodenum (a small organ near your small intestine). After the scope, he gave me Gaviscon advanced, Pantoprazole (PPI), and Motilium. The PPI dosage, at 40mg is higher than what my GP gave previously.

The meds lasted me a week. And during that time my throat burn persisted. It was so awful UNTIL after 6 days of eating them, one day, the throat burn simply went away by itself. I clearly remember that I was prawning and it suddenly went away when just a moment before it hurt. The night my throat burn stopped, it was the same night I ran out of meds.

The glorious pain-free moment lasted 3 short days. Then the throat burn came back and it could be because I ran out of meds. :confused:

I just came back from the doctor today. He gave me 4 weeks worth of the same stuff: Gaviscon advanced, Pantoprazole (PPI), and Motilium. When I saw the bill, I almost passed out :dizzy:. It came up to $362 even after my company insurance covered about half of it (there's no free healthcare in my country). I can't imagine having to be on these stuff for the rest of my life.

I hope to bring positive results after this 4 weeks of medication. I've made changes to my lifestyle:

-eating manuka honey, 1 tablespoon every morning and night
-adding chiaseeds to my water
-drinking chamomile tea every other day
-eating more papaya and dragonfruit
-drinking low fat milk at night
-only taking sips of wine if I'm hanging out
-taking more small meals
[B](let me know what other tips you guys have)[/B]

-drinking coffee
-taking chilli
-eating big portions
-eating blueberries and other citrus and acidic fruits and foods.

I hope to eventually not rely on the medicine to feel better. I'm optimistic! I just recovered from bronchitis in early Jan 2016 and like many other things that has happened to me before, I’m sure I’ll get through this unscathed. :bouncing:

If you’re still reading this :wave:, I just want to say that I know exactly what you're going through. The pain can be so annoying that sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed cause the moment I do, I feel discomfort in my throat.
Thanks for the heads up on acid rebound! I haven't really been sick long enough to tell if I've got acid rebound so I'll monitor that after I finish my current 4 week course!

And yes I totally agree about having to be saintly with food :( In fact I'm having issues sticking to a strict diet and in the past week I've had coffee and wine and had to pay the price with horrible throat burn!! But the pain wasn't as bad as what I had experienced before cause of the meds. Heh but I'm swearing off wine and coffee from now onwards!

Hope you're feeling better these days! :)

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