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[QUOTE=CeCe9999;5415027]So sorry you are going through all of these tests and left with no answers. When you feel there is something wrong with your heart it is very scary.

Most of the tests you have had I have also had, a murmur was found and then it was not there after a second test, then I had an echo and it was mitral valve prolapse. EKG's, stress tests, and etc. My heart pounded so hard it made me feel like I wouldn't make it into next week. It didn't race it just was loud. After every test and double on some of them, I was left with no answers and a flat wallet. It felt like my heart was too big and it was hitting the chest wall. I also couldn't take a deep So now it is not my heart and there is no reason for me to not be able to breathe normally.

I figured it had to be my lungs so I had pulmonary function tests done, CT scans, MRI's, and more, PFT, five times for the PFT, and nothing. No asthma, or COPD of any sort. So what the heck? That is not exactly what I said.

I proceeded to exercise until I either died or until I got better, well neither happened. However, I wanted my Dr to see what I was dealing with so by exercising (which always brings on the bad breathing to it's worst, especially if I push it, and I did) she got to see what I was dealing with and said to me, you have more than one thing going on here, I think you have acid reflux/GERD, I said no, I don't have heartburn but occasionally, that couldn't possibly be what it is. She said you don't have to have heartburn to have this. So now I am listening, as she is asking me all these what seemed like stupid questions.

Well guess what I have GERD/LPR, I have not had the obvious symptoms so I would have no way of knowing I had GERD until I pushed the exercise and ended up with a lump in my throat (globus sensation), hoarse voice, nauseas, couldn't eat because the nausea was worse afterwards, cough, phlegm/mucus, and the worst one was the breathing.

So tomorrow I am having allergy tests for foods, and then I will proceed to a GI for the rest of the story. I have no doubt at this point that I have GERD/LPR and I feel like I am finally on the same page as my Dr. You know when you feel they hit the nail on the head, and this is it for me. I am on Omeprazole 40mg and it took only about an hour before nausea started to dissipate. but the breathing, the lump in my throat, and hoarseness are still there and from what I read it will take a while to heal this mess. I also hate being on medicine of any kind and want off from this ASAP, but I also want to get better first and then wean off.

That is a lot to read but I hope you find some answers soon and we can both then report our medical stories as cured. I feel for you.[/QUOTE]

Did they say you had mitral valve prolapse and then say you didn't?

I started to get my barking chest cough early on. I also have a lot of mucus in the back of my throat. However, recently I just started to get he lump feeling in my throat and sometimes it feels lower into my chest. But the feeling comes and goes. I've been left to wonder if the Prilosec has caused this symptom or if I am just getting worse. Same with the heart palpitations. It's a new symptom so my doctor seems to think its the Prilosec causing it but I am not really sure. Sometimes I feel like "yes this is probably gerd" but other times I think it's my heart and I am going to die.

I finally looked at the results of my echo myself. It says my results were technically difficult. I looked up what that can mean and basically it means the images weren't great so their estimations could be off. It concerns me that that they could be off about the heart condition they found and that maybe it's worse than what they believe. I feel like I need to go to a second cardiologist and maybe even have a second echo done.

I'm too afraid to have a scope done if a murmur can make it unsafe. Right now I have a scope scheduled but I'm on the verge of cancelling it until a doctor can reassure me my problem truly isn't my heart and the scope won't put me in unnecessary danger.

I feel like I am going to have a breakdown. I feel like most doctors don't care and they all seem clueless and to just be guessing at answers. I'm spending all of this money for doctors to just say "I dunno. It's a mystery. Take this medication to see if it helps"

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