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[QUOTE=halo29;5415658]I understand that there is no proven relation between stress and acid reflux, but in my case, digestive problems (gerd, bowel syndrom, cramping, ...) started right with my depression and anxiety. Anyone experiencing same thing?[/QUOTE]

Yes, 101% There is a very DEFINITE RELATION between stress and reflux.


My 13 year old came down with LPR, two month back I saw some of her hair turning white and tried to seek out reasons. STRESS was one of them. She is a very avid video gamer and I strongly feel this is the underlying reason for her LPR.

She is not able to take PPIs and we are using holistic measures to clear this damn thing up -

(1) Check you Vitamin D levels!!!! Low Vitamin D3 = more stress on your system. Hers was 15!!!, I have immediately started Vitamin D3 drops 2000IU/day

(2) Aloe Vera Juice -1 ounce before every meal 3 times a day

(3) Try Homepath, Naturopath, they understand this problem much better. Body is not a box of parts, its a whole. We were recommended stress medications by our Naturopath

(4) Yoga/Meditation will help. Meditation calms the system down.

(5) Change DIET. (I am still looking for a nutritionist)

I can vouch firsthand that the LPR attaks my daughters gets are from stress and anxeity and I strong feel resolving these can ease the issue.

Thanks., P

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