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Oh dear, this is all very familiar to me
A few years ago now after having my gallbladder out I began to suffer badly from acid reflux, well I think it's acid and bile, during the night in bed

I never had daytime heartburn unless I was bending down to the floor as in weeding

I had an endoscopy that showed a stomach full of bile and was put on Omeprazole. It did seem to help but I wasn't happy about side effects
Some time later I had a bad flare up and went for a second endoscopy after being told not to take my tablets for 10 days prior to it
I had gnawing pain, bloating and nausea and the endoscopy showed Gastritis and Duodenitis
My PPI dosage was doubled to heal the damage
After a few months when I was sure it was healed I weaned myself down slowlyfrom the medication (by opening the capsule and taking less and less of the little balls )
At first I thought I had done well but very soon the reflux came back but also terrible heartburn

And so I have gone back on Omeprazole ( a lower dose )

Some Doctors do say there is no such thing as rebound acid reflux. But I beg to differ!

My understanding is the PPI suppresses a very large percentage of the acid produced, and when you stop the medication those acid producing cells go into overdrive

The press is coming out with more and more worrying side effects to PPI'S

I think they are valuable in healing ulcers and gastritis.
My Husband is on a low dose to protect his stomach from all the medications he's on
They are essential for people who are found to have Barratts Oesophagus...which is cell changes that could turn to cancer

But I don't think anyone else should be on them long term

I'd advise anyone coming off them to wean down very slowly and at the same time be extra good with diet triggers

And anyone having to be on them would benefit from a multi vit and attention to calcium/magnesium as PPI'S impair uptake of nutrients and people have been known to suffer fractures

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