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Gerd: symptoms?
May 13, 2016
Hello all,

I am trying to get of the PPIs however I am having some symptoms again that I (not really) linked with the GERD before!

I know you can have a rebound, acid reflux problems with the throat, heartburn and gas formation (burping) , regurgitating however I am having some symptoms I never really linked with the GERD.

The symptoms are mainly stomach related (upset stomach, pain) and bowl related (a bit like irritable bowl syndrome) like gas formation, feeling the need to go to the toilet often, pain.

I always linked the bowl/stomach problems with irritable bowl syndrome, but I never really linked it with GERD or acid reflux until I got off the PPIs!
I start getting back these "irritable bowl syndrome" irritations !

I always had them, but got rid of them, but never linked it with taking the PPIs!

Any other ones here who can recognize this? Or am I thinking completely off here and its just a coincidence ?

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