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Hi everyone. I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible. For about a year, I've been struggling with gradually-worsening nausea (and eventually, vomiting). I had nausea prescriptions that didn't seem to be helping much. After learning I take a good amount of NSAIDs to control headaches, my doctor gave me a sample of Dexilant to try for two weeks (I've stopped NSAIDs since then). They helped a lot! Until suddenly things got worse. I had my first experience with what seemed like acid reflux about a week into taking the Dexilant. It was severe nausea and vomiting until I went to the ER after throwing up water two times in one night. That was when I started researching GERD and assumed I had it. So once the Dexilant ran out I got some OTC omnezaprole and have been taking that since.

The thing is, prior to all of this, I had only had heartburn maybe three times in my entire life. I've never had other stomach difficulties, and I'm only 23 years old. (I do have lower abdominal problems, which are basically just sensitivities to gluten/wheat and dairy, which were manageable). I just had an endoscopy a week and a half ago that looked normal, and my biopsies were normal as well (no h pylori or Celiac). It has been months, since February, that I have been dealing with nausea and vomiting. I had to reduce my food intake so much that I've lost 30lbs. I removed *all* potential GERD trigger foods as soon as I learned what they were, and have stuck to that stringently. Since about the 2nd week in May, when I had a week-long bout of nausea and vomiting that was only resolved by fasting, I have been unable to eat anything resembling a meal. It often feels like food sits in my stomach for hours, and I get incredibly nauseous. I've adapted to chewing excessively so food is easier on my stomach, and for the past week I've just avoided most solid foods because it's been so bad. I have read a LOT about acid reflux, including these boards, and I don't seem to have symptons near as bad as most. No regurgitation or anything. The only issue that seems akin to reflux is at night, when I sometimes wake up with scratchy pain in the back of my throat if I lie flat. My problems are mainly nausea, and occasional vomiting which seems to be triggered by having "too much" in my stomach (even though that "too much" is never a LOT by any means).

I'm very distressed about the fact that I was put on PPIs now that I realize how difficult they are to get off of. I am now prescribed them by my GI, although now I'm really wondering how beneficial they are to me if I am still having bad nausea often (at least once a week, but sometimes many days each week) and especially now that I can hardly eat anything. I was originally taking 20mg but bumped it up myself to 40mg when things seemed to be worsening (looking back it wasn't really that bad, but I was in the middle of a semester and concerned about having another bout of severe nausea/vomiting). I'm wondering if I ever had acid reflux in the first place or if something else was causing my initial nausea (it seemed to correspond to taking medication--most of which I stopped--not eating certain foods). I need to get this resolved because I have essentially had to stop working (I have Fibromyalgia, so I'm prone to fatigue anyway, and not being able to eat much of anything has rendered me unable to function).

Should I try to wean off the PPIs? I'm thinking about at least trying to get down to 20mg. I just feel like things have only gotten worse and worse since I started them. I'm very worried about acid rebound and even more nausea, but I would take a month or however long of misery if I could try to get my life back again. And it's summer so I have the time now that I won't in the fall. Plus it seems there are so many other options for treating this (nausea) than PPIs. I just read so many people's experiences with GERD and I don't seem to experience the actual reflux hardly at all, and it's certainly not severe as some describe. Obviously I would like to speak to my doctor first but my next appointment is not for another month. Though I'm thinking about fighting that since I still can't really eat.

I said I would try to keep this short but it's difficult. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks for reading.

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