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Could i have gerd?
Jun 25, 2016
i am new to this..26 yr old healthy female who doesn't drink or smoke. i have been having digestive problems that are now ruining my life and i am now unable to eat food comfortably. After every single thing i eat..even if its a snack or even water i will immediately have a strange sour taste on the back of my tongue like a lemon taste..and my tongue is always coated back there even if i brush it...the taste and coating will be back soon. my tonsil stones have increased a ton..could acid cause that too? not only this but after i eat i feel so so nauseous like i almost want to throw up sometimes...and i feel like so uncomfortably full and i can never walk much after eating. it definitely is bloating too. Sometimes i will have this watery feeling in my chest like cooling menthol and like something is stuck in my throat after eating. it literally feels like the food is just sitting there not digesting but coming up. i will swallow this lumpy feeling in my throat like an hr after eating and something will go i just had a piece of food stuck there still. Also i cant lay down at night time anymore...basically i don't feel normal until after like 3 hrs after eating. the taste in my mouth is very scary and seemed to start like feb which is when i started birth control pills. i also seem to notice it more after ive been on antibiotics. After i get off antibiotics for like a few weeks it comes back. i try to eat kefir and yogurt a lot but doesnt help. i used to enjoy food but now i cant eat at all anymore without the fear of feeling sick. Before any of this acid problem started i have been slowly losing weight ...20ish lbs in a yr while i was still eating normally. i was losing weight before eating less though. Could this acid feeling be caused by a food allergy? does it relate to not exercising enough because i rarely do..i sit around a lot. could that be a cause? im scared to try ppi's because what if i have too little acid?? how do i know?

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