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Please help
Jun 30, 2016
I've been getting the run around for a year now and I'm starting to get really scared. About a 6 months after having my second daughter I started complaining of a tightness in my throat. It would come and go randomly but it especially got worse after meals. I went to the doctor who ran blood tests and said everything came back negative. They wanted to rule out thyroid problems. Fast forward to now I've been to 4 different doctors because of the pain has gotten so bad. Just had a barium swallow test done where the doctor was able to see the fluids coming back up my esophagus. The ENT put me on a PPI but that didn't work so then I tried zantac and prilosec and those dont help either. I'm now scheduled for an endoscopy on July 11th because I've dropped a significant amount of weight. Also I now have a sharp stabbing pain in my chest, shoulder, upper/mid back, and ribs. I'm going to be honest here and say that I'm TERRIFIED that it's something more life threatening. It doesn't help that I have anxiety. So anyway, I'm here to calm my nerves. I've got 2 weeks of not knowing and pain to endure and my mind is getting the best of me. I'm afraid It might be a tumor or cancer. Just wondering if anyone else who had GERD experienced symptoms like this??

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