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While lying down in bed ( asleep or not) I occasionally experience an explosive, vomit-like regurgitation which interferes with my breathing and make me feel like I am choking under the effect of the acid surge..

For a few moments, while trying to breathe in, I feel the windpipe almost obstructed and I gasp for air very audibly, to the point that my wife heard me and rushed in .There is a very strong burning sensation from the acid reflux, not only in the esophagus, as expected, but also higher up in the throat and upper windpipe.
For an hour or so after vomiting, which is very little, I feel mucus in my throat and upper windpipe. This makes me cough repeatedly to clear the passageways and for a few hours when I breathe out, I hear wheezing and a crackling sounds from the windpipe..

Usually things go back to normal within a few hours, but I am a bit worried that this acid reflux [U]in time [/U]may damage the tissue of the esophagus or, worse, the lining of the upper windpipe, affecting in the end my respiratory function.

Even though these episodes occur only every few weeks or months and
I exercise a lot, I eat moderately and I am otherwise in excellent physical condition for my age ( 74) , I wouldn’t want something else to lurks behind these episodes.
I’ll see a doctor, but in the meantime I’d like to hear comments about this . I never thought that acid reflux could affect breathing



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