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Hello! I've been dealing with stomach and sinus issues for about a year now, with no real relief. It started last fall when my sinus issues became so bad that I started seeing an ENT to relieve the stuffy nose and mucus drainage. A few months after seeing the ENT, I began noticing the stomach issues. I noticed myself getting nauseous every day when I'd wake up and it'd last all day. I threw up once or twice, but nothing serious. A few months after this, I started getting mild heartburn. Nothing serious, but noticeable. Finally, I went to see a gastro when the nausea just wouldn't go away. Around this time, my ENT put my on omeprazole 20mg twice daily thinking it'd fix my stomach/sinus issues. He believes after scoping my throat that the stomach acid is going into my sinuses and causes all of my sinus issues. He said the omeprazole would help reduce the acid that was going up into my chest/sinuses/ext. I can't determine how long after this that my gastroparesis issues started, but it seems like pretty soon after starting the pills is when it happened. I had an upper endoscopy done and was diagnosed with having acid reflux/GERD and gastritis. A little after that, I had a gastric emptying study done that showed I had gastroparesis. It was the first time I noticed the symptoms. I would eat and get full very easily and felt bloated constantly. Since then (this was around feb/march), the nausea has subsided but the gastroparesis symptoms have gotten worse. I go through phases where I can barely eat without the food coming up through my chest and giving me heart burn, or more so a feeling of fullness. It's more irritating than a burning sensation. I've also noticed when I overeat it feels like it's going into my sinuses. My right ear will start crackling and I have no idea what that means. I started eating more liquids for meals and reducing my fiber intake. It seemed to help, but it felt like my stomach shrunk so whenever I'd eat anything it'd cause it to come back up in my chest. I can't figure out what are triggers and what aren't. The food just sits in my stomach and the bloating is getting intolerable. It's causing me to become depressed, increased anxiety, and lack of self confidence. I was in europe for about 7 weeks this summer and at the beginning of the trip could only eat very small amounts without getting extremely full or getting the feeling of fullness/reflux in my chest. I slowly increased my food intake while I was there. At first, it got a lot worse but by the end of the trip I could eat mostly anything and only have mild issues. Now that I'm home, the symptoms are creeping up again. My main question is: what are the odds that the omeprazole actually caused the gastroparesis? I never had any of those symptoms before hand except for mild heart burn on occasion. The main reason I was on the pills in the first place was to help my sinus issues (which haven't really cleared up all that much).

I really just feel like I need to wean myself off of PPIs and try to find a more natural way to fix my issues but I don't know where or how to start. I've heard of ginger, pepzinGI, probiotics, slippery elm, but again, not sure where to start or how much to take. Any help would be appreciated! Very scared about the rebound period. I'm also taking allegra and montekulast every day as well as far as prescriptions. Birth control as well.
[QUOTE=rainbowsrock;5424887]Don't go off a PPI cold turkey!
If you already have gastritis it will go much worse when acid production goes into overdrive
After my first endoscopy I was prescribed Omeprazole and something for gastroparesis, can't remember the name now but I only took it for a week as it had serious side effects and isn't available in some countries

Not really sure what's going on with you but I felt bloated and nauseous and like food in my stomach wasn't being digested when I was having gallbladder attacks. Gallbladder pain is under the right ribs going through to the back
Gastritis pain is under the left ribs[/QUOTE]

I'm currently on 20mg twice a day (started around February??) and the past two days I have taken one instead of two. I'm not sure if this is a good way to start weaning off or not. I haven't had any bad acid reflux, but I can feel pressure in both ears now. It feels like liquid moving around in both ears right after I eat, even if it's just soup. I'm guessing this is part of the rebound period, but I'm not sure. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated as well! It just seems like a viscous cycle from sinus to stomach issues and I can't stop it. Losing a lot of hope :(

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