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When I had my NF, I was on a liquid diet only for 2 weeks (not even allowed strawberry seeds in a smoothie), then soft food for a week or two. I didn't add solid meat and bread back until about 3 months out. They don't break down well when chewed and can get 'stuck' above the wrap which is uncomfortable until it works its way down. While you will feel much better at 4-6 weeks, my GI doc told me it usually takes about 8 weeks for the full swelling to subside in the stomach.

It is good to be 'kind' to your stomach for a while longer to allow it to focus on healing. In addition to watching what you eat for a while, you should be eating smaller portions at a time while the stomach heals. You will get back to 'normal', but it does take some time.

The toast could be what is causing some problems for you. It really doesn't break down as well as some other foods. I have IBS too. Many raw fruits and veggies can be tough on the gut. I found I did better with them when I cooked them first. I totally avoided anything like salad for a long time. I also do mostly dairy free because of the IBS too.

Are you still taking pain meds? They can really mess with constipation. I had to call my GI doc after surgery because it took me a bit to get the IBS back in order. I know it can be uncomfortable.

I stayed on my reflux meds after surgery. It does take time for the esophagus and throat to heal up after having gone through so much trauma for so long prior to surgery. Also, I highly recommend staying away from anything with carbonation. With the nature of the surgery, it makes it more difficult for the 'gas' from the carbonation to come back up. It gets trapped in the stomach and has to work its way down through the system and can be uncomfortable. It has been 8 years now for me and I still avoid the carbonation for the most part because it can be uncomfortable.

I find it interesting how different surgeons are in their post-surgery routines. My laproscopic NF was considered outpatient with a total hospital stay of 23 hours.

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