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About 3 weeks ago I had Laproscopic nissan fundoplication surgery with hiatal hernia repair for non acidic reflux (it was bothering my voice box a lot). I also have I.B.S. Everything went well. I had the barrium swallow test a few days after surgery and it went great. I went home after 3 days from the hospital and had liquids for 3 days. The pain was bad for a bit but that subsided. Then started soft food for a week after that. Now I'm on a regular diet. Since the acidity wasn't an issue in my reflux I could basically eat anything I want, just chew until its liquid mush. The problem is about 5 days ago my stomach has started to act up. It hurts all day, like its inflammed (does not feel like its bloated) and when I eat it gets worse. It bubbles a lot and makes crazy noise. Every day in the evening I'm having terrible stomach cramps where I'm sweating and bascially praying I go to the bathroom. I end up having explosive bowel movements (sorry for the tmi). I take the gas pills and laxative every other day but I'm hardly eating because my stomach just hurts all day and Im scared the cramps with start. I called my surgeon but hes on vacation till next week. The nurse thinks its constipation, which it is not. My usual going is like once a week (before surgery) but I dont have pain and feel like I'm dieing like this. I'm basically hoping this is normal for recovery. My surgeon told me it takes 4-6 weeks to recover. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this? Has it gone away? Any pointers on how to get it to stop. I'm basically eating toast, soup and water. It hurts and I'm miserable. Thank you.:)

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