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Losing it ...
Aug 28, 2016
Diagnosed with GERD 2011, started taking Prilosec daily, switched to Nexium in 2012. Relatively fine for four years until last January. Heartburn became more frequent. My GI did another scope, and didn't find anything, but we tried Protonix anyway. That was a 3-week nightmare, so we went back to the Nexium, but upped it to 40 mg. Started having abdominal pains in February, severe enough to spend Valentine's Day in the hospital, awaiting colonoscopy. So not only was the 40 mg ineffective, but suddenly I have IBS. What a lovely freaking coincidence. "Here kid, take some Bentyl, and while we're at it, let's up the 40 mg Nexium to twice a day." Sure. Great.

Went back to him in May, with worsening throat pain, and he says "the drugs just need more time to work, come back in 4 months". Shortly after that, I went to an ENT with a hoarse voice and nasal congestion. He tells me that I'm dealing with a chronic sinus infection, likely due to LPR.

That fourth month concludes when I see my GI on Monday, and right now I am a wreck. I can't even sip water without burping up mucus. My throat is in constant pain, tarnishing every waking moment of my life with an everlasting cognitive preoccupation. It doesn't even feel like heartburn anymore. I don't get that acrid, distinctive burn. It's just pain, as if my esophagus has been so roasted that it perceives pain differently now. I can't focus properly at work. I can't even engage in conversations with my own wife or children for more than five minutes without my voice starting to go. I've asked about surgery, but when my doctor did a manometry in 2012, it showed poor esophageal motility, supposedly disqualifying me for any surgical candidacy.

So I can't have surgery, PPIs don't work anymore (and are allegedly dangerous for long-term usage anyway). What's next? I'm thinking about weaning myself off of the Nexium, but the thought of indefinite rebound scares the heck out of me. Do I taper off? Quit cold turkey? Do I use H2-blockers when desperate? This is really ruining my life, damaging my relationships. It's infiltrated every facet of my existence. I want to get better, but the horrors I see on the horizon (Barrett's/cancer) are really eating away at me. Any advice? Anyone?

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