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Changing your diet to control acid reflux is the key in this game. Let that be your focus. Once you have that under control and find out your triggers (different for some) you will feel better. After your writing days and you find yourself needing something I'd try a zantac it works differently. I keep tums with me as well.

Also a probiotic is good to take everyday.

Don't eat late at night or lay down after eating, give it a couple hours to go down. Overeating isn't good either.

You can find ginger gum at most drug stores in the section where they have motion sickness stuff. It helps with nausea.

I had to give up my morning java :(. I'm able to have green tea now though. Took a while.

You'll find you will have flare ups and during those days you'll need really bland foods. Just have to ride the storm.

Good luck, Cathy

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