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Hi I a 24 yo Asian Male. Not overweight, not a smoker either.

About a week ago, I encountered a few times a sharp pain on my left flank/back area at about the lower ribs and upper abdomen area like as if sometime is passing through inside. I visited the doctor and she said there shouldn't be anything wrong, it is just muscle there so she gave me some muscle relaxant (But I didn't eat). But personally, I thought it might have been a kidney stone so I drank more water hoping things would get better.

But then after 2 days, I started to encounter a bit of breathing difficulties. It felt like my chest and tummy is pressing down and is it kind of worse when I lie down. It gets better when I sleep with direct fan blowing my head or air con though. I googled and found out that it could be heart issues so I kind of worried.

Then the next night when I sleep with the chest and tummy pressing down feeling, I got worked up by the sound of my heartbeat in my head. I touched my pulse and it didn't felt like abnormally fast or abnormally strong and so the next morning I visited another doctor. The doctor just took a ECG, blood pressure test and listen a bit will his stethoscope, seen/heard nothing abnormal, dismissed it as maybe due to anxiety and give me some muscle relaxant and pain killers.

Then again the next night when I sleep, I find it hard to breath again at night, my left chest again felt a bit of pressure pressing down and this time I also felt a bit of burning sensation on my left chest area. I kind of freaked out and thought I might be having a heart attack. The next morning I felt like my chest is kind of tired so I visited the hospital emergency the next day. Another doctor took my ECG again, chest x ray and some blood tests and told me my lungs are clear, kindeys and heart are fine from those tests, dismissed me as maybe due to heartburn and gave me famotidine 20mg tablets. Thinking about it I do burp out gas more lately and the night before I eat a spicy dinner which maybe explains the chest burning.

So I avoided spicy or most acidic food, I eat only the famoitdine once but seeing the side effect which included anxiety, I switched myself to Gaviscon Double Action Tablets. But the first time I eat the Gaviscon Double Action Tablets, it felt worse. The burning moved from my chest to my abdomen but it felt stronger but after like 3 hours, it weakens down but there is still the mild burning sensation in my abdomen.

That night my breathing is easier (Not perfect still) than the last few nights and the mild burning sensation continued through the night to the next morning. The next morning which is now as I am typing, I still feeling the mild burning sensation in my abdomen and plus my back is aching when I stand up. I tried jogging on the spot awhile just to test, only after like 10-20 seconds I feel a bit nausea, like vomiting and burping out gas.

My concerns are...
If this is typical of GERD symptoms like what you all encountered before?
Is the burning sensation usual so long? It is more than 12 hours already and there is still burning in my upper abdomen. Eating Gaviscon or famoitdine don't seems to help....

I have seen 3 doctors already but I am still worried :( I still cannot stop thinking about it and maybe it is the reason why I am getting anxiety issues.

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