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Hello I am new to the board. I have had GERD for at least 13 years now. I have been on and off of omeprazole. around March last year I developed a cough. Like a clearing my throat cough that is always there. I'd had it before and I was given medicine for the cough and it went away. So this time I waited for the doc to give me the same thing but they told me it was allergies or GERD. They had me take the PPIs for two weeks and allergy meds but the cough persisted. I didnt have health insurance so i never went back to them and i just got used to it. Now FF to this june I was really sick and my right upper abdomen hurt. I got nausea after eating fatty meals and BMs felt like a balloon was in my abdomen. so of course the doctor said it was gallstones and for me to eat a low fat diet. I did that for a while but eventually went back to my old ways when the pain got better. Now two weeks ago it all came back full force. I began to have chest pain and had to go to the doctor. I have right shoulder pain, whole upper abdomen is tight at times, bloating.They ran tests in the hospital and i have no gallstones, liver is normal and pancreas looks good. They had me start omeprazole again. The not knowing is causing pretty bad anxiety and I am starting to worry. A few days ago my throat became sore. I feel like I have waited too long to do something. I think I could have barretts or even worse, cancer.

I really just want to know if it is possible that this is GERD and not esophagitis or something deadly. Has anyone out there gotten the endoscopy with all of these symptoms and it ends up being that they have gerd alone? I cant get health insurance until November and then I will probably have to wait a month for it to kick in. I already ran up a pretty big bill at the hospital due to the chest pain. I plan on seeing a doctor when i can but my brain is racing until then.

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