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Hunger pain????
Oct 24, 2016
Hello, this is first post relating to my issues. For years I've had GERD and stomach related issues. Over the last two years the problems have changed and to some degree gotten worse. I was having regular occurrences of upper abdominal pain for quite sometime. It was determined I was suffering from gal stones and had my gal bladder removed. After that the pain still occurs but not as frequently and they always seem to be in the early hours of the morning. However that is not my only issue. If I do not eat before I go to bed I will wake up usually between 2-3 am with nausea. Eating at night helps this. I also seems to get nausea even if I don't eat for a few hours now. I recently went to a concert and I couldn't even enjoy it and ended up leaving early because I was so nauseous. What I am finding now as well, is in the morning I feel so hungry it hurts when I wake up, if I am not awoken by nausea first. I can eat at 10 pm and wake at my regular time of 4:30 am and it will feel like I've been taken part in a hunger strike for days. I also seem to get diarrhea when I wake up in the morning. I have seen my GP two different GI specialists and a general surgeon (gal Bladder) and they all have found nothing to be wrong. I have had several endoscopies and a colonoscopy and the all say the results are normal. What could be going on? I am a 32 year old male non smoker, nor do I drink alcohol. I would say I am a little overweight (250 lbs) and probably don't have the healthiest diet but I don't believe that would whole hearted contribute to why I am feeling like this. I don't know what else to try anymore. Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide me.

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