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[QUOTE=Dan203;5437529]I haven't done anything to treat this yet. I just discovered this as the possible cause of my issues lat night. I sent my Dr. A message in their portal system asking if it could be the possible cause and if so what the treatment is. But based on my own research this seems like a very likely explination to my issues.

My problem is that I feel like I have horrible heartburn, but taking acid reducing drugs actually makes it worse. I also had a ph test which came back normal and the Dr. said should not be causing me the kind of pain I'm feeling. He could not explain why acid reducing drugs would make it worse so I started rsearching on my own. From what I can find candida overgrowth can mimic the pain of heartburn and can actually get worse when you take acid reducing drugs because it flourishes in low acid environments. That also explains why, counterintuitively, I actually feel better when I drink heavily acidic stuff like sprite and apple cider vinegar and feel worse when I eat normally GERD friendly foods like bananas, sweet potatoes and rice.

In my mind it all seems to line up. Especially the timing of the symptoms, which started less then a week after finishing a "z pack" which was given to me by my GP for an unrelated ear ache and I never told my GI doc about. (that's completely on me)[/QUOTE]

Hello again,
how do you feel? have you seen any improvement?

You said that you had a phmetry. Did you have and the impedance test too and it was normal? I am asking because my phmetry was normal but the impedance test showed multiple events of weakly acid reflux.

My doctor told me that PPI's are not for my case because I have weakly acid and a little amount of bile reflux. I am an upright position sufferer, during night I have no symptoms.
Now I continue to experience an excessive amount of foamy saliva in my mouth( it is very annoying), burping and some sinus problems occasionally

In my case I am sure that everything started after finishing heavy antibiotics along with a stressful period in my life because I had an un predictable surgery last May and that's why I was given a strong dose of antibiotics. I have read many similar stories in different forums but I am disapponted because none of the seems to overcome this condition.

My doctor also told me that the prokinetic drug ( ibutin) will help me and it is true, I have seen an improvement.

I am currently taking a riopan gel ( my doctor said that this drug helps bilary reflux) every night and a prokinetic drug twice a day. My doctor said that the treatment will last for 3 months.

I believe in God's mercy....

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