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[QUOTE=lintek55;5441056]I'm sorry for the troubles you are going through. I'm also happy though that you believe in alkalinity though.. not many people understand it or even are made aware of it. But I do know it makes a tremendous difference of what we put into our bodies. The foods we eat leaves a residue of ash and can either be too acid or it can be alkaline which is better.

Does it feel as if there's something splitting apart inside? or like a piece of cold metal stuck inside just sitting there and then slowly it's sliding down?

I ask this because I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. mine hurt horribly and was getting worst as the minutes went by and suddenly stopped when I bent over to do something. I wondered if such a thing could happen such as a spasm going on in the esophagus? I thought I was having the beginning of a heart attack because at the time I was upset and arguing with my significant other.
I was told I possibly have "silent gerd" and was put on medicine for it by my pcp because I have a hard time swallowing sometimes and food gets stuck in the back of my throat and I can't swallow anything until I relax. I never went to a gastro Dr. and don't plan to.

Please let me know what exactly you felt in more detail and how often it happens to you.
I wish you the best.[/QUOTE]

I don't believe in the whole acidic/alkaline thing. I think that is a fad and a marketing gimmick to jack up the prices of high pH water and other stuff. Your organs all have a different pH level, as does your blood. Your stomach is supposed to have a high concentration of acid in order to kill bacteria and help digest proteins.

As far as my symptoms go, no I don't have any of the sensations you describe. I do not have any problems swallowing food or drink, and there is no pain. What you are describing sounds like dysphagia.

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