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Not sure where to put this. Just wanted to share something on here and see if anyone else had similar issues with stomach pains/soreness. Occasionally I will experience soreness/slight ache across my waist along the belly button area. It will last for about a day and a half and then is gone.

Recently however, with the latest lift of it, there has been some slight stitch like intermittent pains or slight stabs after the stomach issues went away.

I saw my doctor and she put me on some stomach acid medication for heartburn just without the actual heartburn feeling. It appeared to work after a week and seemed to go away but then the stomach soreness returned again and so I got the Dr to order a CT scan.

The CT scan came back normal except for what appeared to be thickening if the colon wall. So I saw a GI doc and had a colonoscopy done which came back normal.

Now the stomach has been having occasional stitches/slight stabs again but I did have to go off of the medicine for stomach acid for a few days because of the colonoscopy.

Just curious if anyone has encountered any of these issues or might be able to shed some light on what might be the problem as the doc seems to think that it is the stomach acid. Just curious for others experiences and if I should be asking/demanding any other tests to be done.

I am a female in her late 20s, overweight and all sorts of blood work was done and all normal.

Thank you for any insight you could provide

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