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At wits end. :(
Dec 12, 2016
Hi, everybody.

I've been having reflux issues for the last five years (I'm 22 now) and I was recently diagnosed with a 1 cm hiatus hernia.

I feel ill every day and get nasty regurgitation very often, along with burping frequently, feeling sick, and burping that brings up stomach contents into my mouth. The weird thing is, I don't get heartburn often or a burning sensation in my throat, chest or stomach. Another weird thing is that a trigger food can cause nasty symptoms for several hours afterwards whereas I would be fine eating a trigger food on other days. I only have slouch just slightly and get horrid symptoms for hours afterwards. It's really making me depressed and I'm often crying and wishing I felt better.

I've had two endoscopies; the first was in 2014 and they said that I had a faulty esophageal sphincter but my esophagus looked perfectly healthy, and the second was this year and the results said that I have a 1 cm, sliding hiatus hernia and a "motility disorder". I assumed the motility disorder was Achalasia, and I had a manometry and 24-hour pH testing a few months later. The results came back normal although it said that I had mass regurgitation.

A month later, I visited the specialist and I asked them what exactly was wrong with me and they said they didn't know and prescribed me with some anti-acids (which, in my experience, haven't worked for me) and told me some common sense methods to avoid the reflux (using a few pillows for bedtime, not eating several hours before bedtime, etc, which I already do). They also said that surgery was out of the question because it wasn't neccessary, but if it's an issue with my esophageal sphincter then surely only surgery would fix it? I've been on Omeprazole before and didn't see any sort of improvements with my symptoms so I stopped taking them (I took them for a few months every day).

I just don't know what to do.. :( Sometimes the feeling of food/stomach contents coming up happens every minute for a while (I don't be sick because I hate doing so). I know it's disgusting, but I can often feel the chunks at the back of my throat. Sometimes deep and heavy breathing helps when I have an attack.

Anybody else having the same issue and what would you suggest?

Thank you.

edit: I don't eat very much, and I've stopped eating junk food and sodas for over a year now. It has helped somewhat, but not enough. I only really eat rice, cereal, salads, toast, soups, and dairy products.

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