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At a Loss...
Jan 1, 2017
Hi, all! New here. Came here in search of a forum like this to hopefully get some ideas as I'm at a complete loss...& I'm just SO tired!

I've had digestive issues for over 20 years now. Started when I was about 20 and I'm now 43. First experience was gallstones. I constantly had heartburn & indigestion, explosive diarrhea, as well as raging pain & vomiting for anywhere from 8 hours to 36 hours at a time. I suffered through this for 18 months. When I had my gallbladder removed in October '95, it was about to burst it was so full of stones. It took about a year after surgery for the heartburn, etc to calm down.

In June '99, after having a spaghetti dinner with my parents, I experienced the same exact raging pain & vomiting that I knew all too well. This confused me to no end as I no longer had the offending culprit! By the time I was admitted to the hospital & given enough meds to calm my insides, I'd been in agony for 27 hours. They removed 3 pancreatic stones the next day via scope.

Fast forward to August '14. For 15 years, I hadn't really had much issue with heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, abdominal pain...nothing...other than 3 random occurrences several years apart that lasted no more than an hour or so each time.

In August, I started realizing things just weren't "right." Between March & August, I'd gained about 70 lbs for unknown reasons (diet or anything hadn't changed at all). I was tired a lot. I felt nauseated quite often. By February '15, I started having abdominal pain/cramping/bloating/lots of gas non-stop. Heartburn was occasional & mild—not enough to notice most of the time. BMs changed (size, shape, color) & I constantly ran the spectrum between constipation & diarrhea. I was very weak/dizzy/balance issues. And I was exhausted.

Went to the clinic in March '15. My BP was high (147/90). She put me on omeprazole 20 mg & told me to come back in a month if things weren't better. The heartburn became almost non-existent but everything else had worsened, so back I went in April. BP was high again (149/94). Had blood work, chest x-ray & abdominal ultrasound done. X-ray & ultrasound were normal but I was anemic (I was at 11.7). Clinic sent me to gastroenterologist.

August '15, I had an upper & lower GI done. He removed one small polyp from lower intestine & diagnosed me with GERD & Barrett's Esophagus. He also said I had mild stomach inflammation & hemorrhoidal tissue. PA put me on 40 mg omeprazole & suggested diet change. Within a week, my symtoms were worse PLUS I started having these asthma-like attacks. I first thought they were panic attacks but they kept waking me in the middle of the night. I went back to the 20 mg omeprazole & the attacks stopped happening. Though, I continue to have shortness of breath pretty much all the time now. I was sighing a lot. Hiccupping, burping. Least amount of movement left me gasping for air as if I'd run a marathon (& I mean LEAST amount of movement! Such as simply eating or moving whatsoever.) Beyond exhausted. Co-workers mentioned how pale I was. I was sick all the time! Nausea, cramping, bloated, gas, constipation/diarrhea. Existing was becoming excruciating! I couldn't breathe. I couldn't sleep.

I ended up going to the ER December 21st because I was so miserable...& starting to panic. Chest X-ray, abdominal CT, BM smear all normal. I got no other treatment there but hemoglobin was at 7.4, BP was 156/100 & they referred me to a hematologist. I then spent last New Year's Eve back in the ER getting a blood transfusion.

January & February I got 6 IV iron infusions. Every time I went in, my BP was higher than the previous time. Hemoglobin was at 14 at end of February. Last visit my BP was 196/112. The whole office freaked out. Dr insisted that I start HBP meds & gave me Lisinopril. I felt pretty good for about a month or so & then my symptoms started steadily creeping back up again. But my hemoglobin held steady at 14 until June. I just felt like crap again. I've checked BP several times inbetween & while it's always hovering in the 140s still, it is lower than what it had been. I should also say here that there's no obvious reasons to be found for the anemia so far. There's no physical blood loss anywhere.

September I was back at the gastroenterologist for a capsule endoscopy to check for Crohn's. BP was 147/92. The only result was a diagnosis of Gastritis (though that had been slightly indicated in the upper/lower GI; this was an actual diagnosis now). PA had me try out Prilosec & Nexium for a month each to see if they would work better than the omeprazole. Nope. And now I have NEW symptoms! I'm coughing horrendously all the time. Sore throat. Hoarse voice. Gagging/choking/regurgitating randomly throughout the day/night. Vomiting most every day. And every other old symptom continues to worsen.

I'm sick every day. I'm utterly exhausted. And I don't know what else to do...*sighs*

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