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I apologize in advance for the long post but I want to give the full details in hopes of finding some answers.

Back in December, I finally broke down and had an upper endoscopy done. I had been suffering with difficulty swallowing for nearly two years, but had been terrified of the endoscopy and convinced myself the trouble swallowing was anxiety related.

I was diagnosed with Grade 2 esophagitis and gastritis, as well as an esophageal ulcer and 2 stomach ulcers. My esophagus was also stretched due to a narrowing from the reflux. I tested negative for H-pylori, thankfully. My doctor prescribed me 40mg of Nexium once a day. I've now been on the Nexium for 6 weeks, and while I have seen some improvement, I'm still having a lot of my previous issues as before.

Before the Nexium, I was almost constantly nauseous, had terrible pain that would come and go underneath my left rib cage/breast area, sharp pains directly in the middle of my chest and a frequent urge to cough/clear my throat. I also would experience shortness of breath from time to time, but am not entirely convinced that may not be anxiety related.

Most of my symptoms have improved since starting on the Nexium, except for the pain under my rib area on the left side, the urge to clear my throat, and the occasional shortness of breath (again, could be anxiety.)

My primary care doctor doesn't see anything wrong with my lungs to be causing the shortness of breath and has done an EKG for the pain which came back all normal, which has led her and the gastroenterologist to believe that both symptoms are related to acid reflux.

I do not experience heartburn. I have silent reflux, so it's not ever obvious to me that I've done something to trigger the problem. In the past 6 weeks I have changed my diet, cut out all known trigger foods for acid reflux, don't eat for a few hours before bed, I sleep elevated at least 6 inches, and have started taking probiotics. I have even been drinking a cup of raw cabbage juice everyday for the past 5 days because I was told that might help. I'm doing everything they said would heal my stomach, and yet I'm still having issues.

I don't want to continue on the Nexium much longer due to the bad side effects of taking it long term, but I can't have ulcers that aren't healed either. I found out last week that I am pregnant, so a repeat endoscopy to see if they are still present would be highly unrecommended. I'm just not sure what to do anymore. I am due for a follow up with my gastroenterologist in March, but I was hoping to go back with an "All is well" be off the Nexium for good.

I appreciate if you've read this far, and would greatly appreciate any advice from anyone who may have had a similar problem and fixed it. Thank you so much!

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