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I had an endoscopy early last year because I had some GERD-like symptoms (more below), but the doctor said there was no sign of irritation due to acid, and also I tested negative for H. pylori. However, I go through these phases, about 1-2 weeks in duration, where I have a whole lot of symptoms related to GERD, and I don't know what could be causing it if it's not that!

I'm a not-very-active male, 30 years old. My "always" symptoms are being physically and mentally tired almost all the time (exercise makes it much worse, not better), having low testosterone, having IBS or something similar (alternating between loose stools and constipation), a general sensitivity to foods that are too oily, a little bit of generalized anxiety (usually just related to sickness though, especially vomit-related), and a postnasal drip. Despite all that I'd rate my health as relatively good, except for when I go through one of these GERD phases.

The symptoms I have when I'm in one of these phases are: nausea after eating even a small amount (sometimes seems to trigger a bowel movement), burping a lot after eating, feeling of acid in back of throat and taste of it on tongue, throat feels really sensitive probably because of these latter symptoms, I can hear some bubble-popping sounds from my throat when I open my mouth, sometimes a feeling that there is some sort of object or obstruction in my throat. When I'm nauseous, which tends to be more often at night instead of the morning (when I eat my biggest meal), sometimes I get this weird sensation when I'm trying to fall asleep that's like being jerked awake by a wave of nausea every time I'm about to actually fall asleep. This happened last night even though I was feeling too sick for dinner at all (and actually was quite hungry but didn't want to stimulate my stomach). For all I know the nausea actually wakes me up after I fall asleep, but it feels like it happens just as I'm about to fall asleep.

I'm very bad at watching what I eat (especially since I haven't been diagnosed with anything GERD-related and didn't think I really had to). This last phase of GERD-ishness was probably brought on by 2-3 weeks of meals that were really too fatty and oily, as well as increased chocolate intake (can't help it, found Cadbury's in my neighborhood).

Does this sound like it could be something acid-related? The fact that it comes in phases and then goes (for longer than it stays) is especially strange to me.

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