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So, I've been on Nexium 20mg for about 2.5 years. About a week ago, I stopped taking it. I just don't want to be on meds all my life, and wanted to see if I could do it. Also, the long term studies and general uncertainty about this class of drug played a part.

For the first couple of days, I opened the capsules and just took a few of those micro-pellets. Eventually, I just stopped. There is a type of "burning" that I didn't have before I started Nexium, but that I definitely had in periods where I hadn't taken it, as well as when I stopped, like I did a week ago.

Overall, the burning from the rebound reflux has not been terrible, and has been somewhat manageable, especially with H2's. The sole exception was Wednesday night. I ate some asian/vietnamese soup for dinner, and had some of the worse reflux/burning I've ever had - Also nausea. Was seriously considering going to the ER, but having to get into a car seemed impossible at the time. Meds didn't seem to work (I even broke down, and took Nexium, although I'm not sure how many pellets), but it eventually went away after three hours, and a few more doses of Zantac. After that incident, it seemed to be more of the same "manageable burning" that I talked about previously, but during that incident, I can honestly say I was in some of the most pain of my life.

Overall, I'm just hoping the rebound reflux goes away. I'm not sure how long it'll take, but it can't come soon enough! I am hoping that the incident I experienced Wednesday night doesn't happen again, because if I knew that it would, I would probably cave and go back on Nexium full time. Also, just an FYI (and this might not be worth posting), but I felt an elevation in mood and a little more "pep" in my step after quitting Nexium. I say that it might not be worth posting, because now I just feel the same as when I was on it (mood-wise).

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