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Okay, so for over 5 years now I have been dealing with what appears to be a "reflux" issue in my stomach, causing me malaise, post nasal drip, bad breath, fowl smelling gas, tiredness waking up, etc (I NEVER seem to get heartburn though). I often feel a sensation of "air" travelling it's way up my throat throughout the day culminating in burping, is this reflux? I feel it began when I had an untreated abscess in my mouth in 2011 and I had some kind of infection in there but after having teeth removed and my mouth cleaned, I still felt the same. However, I noticed that my breath was normal after the dentist cleaned my teeth and they told me the smell was food getting stuck at the back of my teeth. I have been on PPI's like Omeprazole and Lanzaparole over the years and nothing has really worked for it. I had an endoscopy over 5 years ago and it came back normal and the ENT looked inside my nose and concluded it was normal and that it was reflux issue, prescribing me medication and a nasal spray, neither of which worked. I waited months to have an endoscopy and then had to wait three years to see an ENT. I am now seeing a gastroenterologist who didn't seem to understand what "LPR" was, didn't seem to care what my symptoms were if they weren't life threatening and wants me to have ANOTHER endoscopy. After 5 years, I must ask will there be any difference (or point?) to this compared to the last time around? I also tried Betaine HCL to see if my problem was a LACK of stomach acid, but it neither made the problem better or worse. I've also tried grapefruit seed extract which didn't work either. I've had blood tests done and been checked for h.pylori, all which came back normal. So what is going on?!

No matter what I eat or drink, I will always "burp" some of it back up, even water. Night times are often the worst, if I even as much as have a "sip" on anything, I will NEED to sit up and burp or fart it out. If I don't and end up falling asleep, I can feel this "air" travelling from my stomach into my throat and even into to my eyes, causing me to have heart palpitations and creating this bizarre "sleep paralysis" situation where my mind is awake from the reflux, but my body is still asleep and locked in so I can't move. However, this can all happen even if I don't eat or drink before bed if my mattress is putting too much pressure on my stomach, in which case the same thing happens. When I wake up, I will have post nasal drip resting in my throat and this foul smell emanating from it. I also have this "heavy" feeing in my eyes and feel very tired waking up too. I am convinced this is a result of the reflux travelling into my sinuses at night (which causes me random anxiety in sleep) as there has been times where I've had little sleep but woke up feeling okay due to sleeping on a firmer mattress which doesn't cause the air/reflux to go into my sinuses.

Can anyone help me here and tell me what's going on? I'm sure I've left details out, but I've been dealing with this for so long that I've lost track of time today.

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